By: Forest Hill Real Estate

4 Renovations That Add the Most Value to your Home

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If buying a home is an investment, then selling your home is where you cash in on it. In order to get the best return on investment, many home sellers opt to do a number of fix ups or renovations before they put their house on the market.
Depending on your budget, you may find yourself having to choose which rooms get the attention and which rooms may have to be left as is. Here is a list of things you'll want to invest in if you'd like to add value to your house.

1. Flooring

Everyone knows that right now, hardwood is king.It is said that by installing new, quality hardwood floors before listing
your home can potentially add up to 3% to your sale price.

2. Kitchen

If you ask anyone they'll tell you the kitchen is the heart of any home. Even if you're not a chef, if you are an entertainer
you always find yourself congregating around a kitchen. Depending on your budget and the space, renovation in the kitchen can
look like many things. Whether it be some new cabinet hardware, a sleek new sink faucet, eye catching countertops, or a fung shei
open concept that has everyone comfortable cohorting in the kitchen. If you have a budget for renovations with intention to
add value, you'll find the largest return on investment in this room.

3. Bathroom

The second most important room in a house. The more full bathrooms in a house, per floor - the more money you are likely to see in return. If there is not proper space or budget resources, the best thing you can do for a half bath renovation is to replace the lighting, vanity, and to apply a new coat of paint.

4.Income Suite (Think Air BnB)

This is somewhat of a wildcard, but when you have the space- you can make the money. In law suites, legal basement apartments, or cosy unattached casitas are bringing in helpful cash flow for homeowners. If you're adding a space just for selling, or just want to lend the idea that a basement could double as a rental property, be sure to check local legislation to completely
understand what a space requires in order for it to be deemed a legal and livable space.