By: Forest Hill Real Estate

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

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Selecting the right real estate agent is the first step of success in what can seem like an overwhelming process of buying or selling your home. With all of the agents and brokers available in the Greater Toronto Area, How do you choose the best Real Estate Agent for you?

Evaluate Your Personal Goals

What makes an agent great in YOUR eyes. What can an agent offer you in your journey that will make your relationship successful? Do you need more guidance, or would you rather take charge. Do you value the reputation of a large brokerage, or a smaller company that can offer a more intimate customer service relationship? Figuring out what 'The Best' means to you, is the best place to start before you start doing your research.


With the amount of housing sales in the GTA, you are bound to have someone in your network that has recently bought or sold property. While not everyone values the same attributes when it comes to a real estate agent, the person giving the referral can share with you why this agent was right for them. At Forest Hill West, we take pride in not only being the most knowledgeable Real Estate company in Streetsville, but in the Greater Toronto Area. See what people are saying about us!

Community Investment

If a Real Estate company is involved in their community, it is clear they are familiar and invested in the growth of their neighbourhood. An agent that is passionate about their community, will bend over backwards to find the right home for the right people. You will see agents or brokers sponsoring events at schools, community centres, or other public gatherings. Investing in a realtor who is involved in their community, is investing directly into your community.